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Lauren Bancroft Joins inDoctornated Documentary Team

I'm so glad I can officially announce that I've joined the producing team for the upcoming feature documentary inDoctornated from Unassuming Pictures, LLC.

"We're bringing powerhouse multi-talent Lauren Bancroft onboard as a producer of the film. Through her combined enthusiasm for both Doctor Who and the documentary form of storytelling, Lauren is going to get us to the finish line and I couldn't possibly be happier that she's agreed to get onboard."

- Ross Ruediger, Co-Director

What is inDoctornated? inDoctornated is a documentary from co-directors Ross Ruediger and Chris Hansen, based on the idea that Doctor Who, being an extraordinary television series, shapes extraordinary people. We’ll find four fans living within the continental United States, travel to each of them, and document their lives as people who’ve been inspired by Doctor Who to somehow make a difference in the world around them.

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