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Lauren Bancroft is a Los Angeles-based producer most known for the documentary The Making of Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles with Billie Eilish (Disney+), the renowned sketch comedy show CBS Showcase 2022 and CBS Showcase 2023 (Paramount), and short films Bad Rabbit (Hulu), Wild Bitch (SXSW 2022, winner of “Best Thriller” at Hollyshorts Film Festival 2022), and Navel Gazers from multi Emmy Award-winning director Kimmy Gatewood (winner of “Best Sci-Fi” at the Micheaux Film Festival 2021). Lauren's brand is dark humor and desperation. After getting her start in the standup and sketch comedy communities, this New Englander found that her skills of merging production know-how and creative problem solving with artistic vision made her a stand out in the creative community. In 2022, Lauren founded Bancroffed Inc., a production company committed to supporting fellow women, and underrepresented voices in all aspects of the storytelling space. She has worked with juggernaut brands such as Google, Visa, Fedex, Redbubble, Vogue, Cisco, among others. Lauren is driven by her love of dark comedy, documentaries, Doctor Who, and meticulously folded laundry.

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