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ViacomCBS Sketch Showcase (2022) Streaming Debut Slated for 2/8 and 2/9

It was an amazing experience getting to join ViacomCBS as Production Manager for the 2022 Showcase. The executive and creative team were dreams to partner with and I can't wait for the world to see the hour of comedy I got to help bring to life.

"Formerly a theatrical production with Broadway-worthy live performances, SHOWCASE 2022 has evolved into a highly produced, pre-filmed hour of sketch comedy and comedic music videos. Talent from around the country are selected to participate in a month-long virtual writer’s room before traveling to Los Angeles to take part in a three week shoot on location. Following the wrap of production, performers attend various workshops and panels, ranging from audition technique to Q&A with esteemed SHOWCASE alumni."

Tuesday, February 8th @ 1PM PT, 4PM PT, 7PM PT

Wednesday, February 9th @ 1PM PT, 4PM PT, 7PM PT

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